Overcome Challenges and Make Lucrative Investments in 2020 with These 4 Steps

Overcome Challenges and Make Lucrative Investments in 2020 with These 4 Steps

If you have not begun planning your investment strategy, you absolutely need to! The New Year is almost here, and a brilliant investment strategy ensures rental income starts pouring in, right from January. With 2020 just a month away, it is high time you create a strategy that gives you your desired returns!


How do you do this?

Chetan Kapur or CK has come up with four significant steps that give you the returns you want. Of course, like with most strategies, some challenges come with meeting your goals. However, if you can tackle these challenges and overcome them, you can do anything! 

So let us see what these four things you need to start doing before 2020 are. 

Step One: Start Blocking Time

Plan out your goal for the first quarter of 2020, i.e. January-February-March and start looking for properties. Doing this requires time. Often, a 9-5 job doesn’t allow for the kind of time necessary to build an investment strategy. 

But that’s where you utilise your weekends!  

Manage your time so you can spend time with your friends and family and create a solid strategy. Yes, it is difficult, but financial security is worth it!


Step Two: Start Focusing on Numbers

It’s no secret that the real estate market is a numbers game. Understanding the charts and what’s hot and what’s not is crucial to your strategy. 

Even your goals are entirely numbers-based. They can’t just be “get rich” can they? If you want wealth creation, you need to play the numbers game. Choose substantial goals like, e.g. 10% returns, and then you can focus on getting there. 

As a beginner, a property with 8%-10% returns is a great starting space; therefore, you need to focus your attention there!


Step Three: Start Shortlisting Properties

This specific step is such an important one. Shortlisting properties allows you to compare and contrast the returns you can get. 

Based on experience, CK can conclusively say that you can get up to Rs. 45,000/month in rental income by investing in a property worth Rs. 50 lacs! Those are brilliant returns.

So choose your properties wisely. This is also the time when you determine whether you want to invest in residential properties that you can maybe rent out to students returning from their vacation, or you can choose a commercial property.

Here is also where we’re going to mention the value of capital appreciation. Long-term capital appreciation is an important goal. Supposing you gain 10% returns and 8% goes into your financial expenses, you still have 2% with you. Now, if you add a 10% capital appreciation, this 2% becomes 12%! You start getting even higher returns than you initially had!


Step Four: Start Investing

Now that you have determined the best property for your investment needs, you need to start investing. Taking action when it comes to investing is so important. 

A lot of people are very hesitant to make their first investment. But the moment you do and start getting those gorgeous returns, everything is worth it! And, after putting in all that hard work to devise a strategy, not investing now is no longer an option!

It is your duty to achieve financial security and independence for a prosperous future of you and your family. This strategy is the best way for you to start giving back. Of course, two significant challenges to this goal are:

  • Finding time for the planning
  • Having steady finances to invest

We have already tackled the first challenge in the first step. For the second point, all we can say is it is worth it. Imagine entering 2020, knowing that this is the year you will have financial freedom. Cutting back on expenses is difficult, but, in the long run, completely worth it! Begin saving immediately, and you can take 2020 by storm!

For a more elaborate strategy, having an expert like CK by your side is a good idea. With over a decade of experience and two companies under his leadership, CK has created lucrative portfolios for several beginners in real estate and, with his formulas, high returns are a guarantee!

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