How New Gurgaon Gives You High Capital Appreciation and a Regular Rental Income

High Capital Appreciation

How New Gurgaon Gives You High Capital Appreciation and a Regular Rental Income

If you are new to property investments and the real estate market, you are in the perfect place. The numbers game can be very daunting, but, luckily, several experts help you understand everything you need to know about real estate investments.

When deciding to invest in properties, there are two main aspects most investors look at:

  • Capital appreciation rates
  • Rental income regularity

However, it often feels like most places that afford high capital appreciation rates, and a regular rental income are at incredibly high prices. Therefore, the risk of investment outweighs the rewards from it. The amount of money you spend on investing in property does not appear to yield returns fast enough.

The huge investments often turn people off from property investments.

But this strongly disregards up-and-coming new locations where properties exist and are being leased out left, right and centre. As Chetan Kapur, or CK, says, such a location is New Gurgaon. 


Where is New Gurgaon?

Completely separate and secluded from the main Gurgaon, New Gurgaon is snugly located area you reach after crossing the new Kherki Daula toll near the Hyatt Hotel.

When you cross the toll, you instantly enter the first sector of the 28 sectors comprising New Gurgaon: Sector 77. These sectors stretch from 77 all the way to 95B, making the area vast and perfect for new investors looking for high returns at low prices. 

New Gurgaon, therefore, begins from NH8 and it ends all the way at Pataudi Road and the intersection of Dwarka Expressway.

What makes New Gurgaon ideal for investors?

The number of developers who began projects in New Gurgaon is an exhaustive list. They include Vatika, SS, Bestech, DLF, Horace, Emaar, Supertech, Godrej and many others. With such a long list of well-known, reputable developers, the projects they indulge in the match.

Their vast projects include excellent service apartment blocks, multiple affordable housing facilities, and a plethora of commercial, retail spaces.

As CK always says, commercial spaces yield the best returns for your investments. The fact that New Gurgaon provides such a variety of commercial retail spaces means your investments instantly yield the high returns you desire.


How is New Gurgaon valued?

About 30% of the entire area is currently occupied. That means there are already nearly 22,000 people living in New Gurgaon and the number is steadily growing!

Moreover, it is entirely understandable that they choose a quiet, secluded spot like New Gurgaon for their homes. Removed from the hustle and bustle of the city, it affords prices ranging from Rs. 4000 per square foot to Rs. 8000 per square foot. These low prices are not only perfect for people seeking residential quarters but also for property investors!

However, as we have said, retail still grows the fastest. As an industry, New Gurgaon is booming and is completely ripe for your picking! A project delivered by Vatika perfectly demonstrates this. Since its beginning, it has racked up a value three times the original, reaping enormous, incredibly desirable returns!


What draws people (and investors) to New Gurgaon?

The main attraction, apart from gorgeous service apartments and affordable housing is that the future plans for New Gurgaon significantly increase its market value.  

New Gurgaon will eventually have a metro connection to ISBT, Dwarka and all the Dwarka residential catchments. This facility is the perfect way to draw tenants to New Gurgaon. Therefore, you need to get ahead of the game and invest in New Gurgaon as soon as possible, so you get incredibly high capital appreciation a reliable rental income at the lowest prices India currently offers!

Chetan Kapur Investments is run by CK, providing excellent advice about real estate investments and the real estate market. With over a decade of experience, CK ensures you take the most calculated risks, so you get the most exceptional returns and capital appreciation from all your investments!

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